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Clubs & Advocacy

Quad Cities Bicycle Club (QCBC)

Mission Statement of the QCBC
It is the mission of the Quad Cities Bicycle Club to promote, encourage, and support the safe participation in bicycle riding of all ages and abilities, as well as to anticipate and address needs and interests of all aspects of bicycling in the Quad Cities area.

Friends of Off Road Cycling (FORC)

FORC's Mission
FORC's goal is to expand mountain biking opportunities in the Quad Cities area through education, advocacy, stewardship, and community building. We meet these goals by: partnering with local land management agencies to to build new off road trail systems, providing skilled volunteers to construct and maintain sustainable off-road trails, hosting MTB related educational events, and organizing activities to grow the local mountain biking community.

National Cycling Advocates

People for Bikes

Launched in 1999 as Bikes Belong, PeopleForBikes includes both an industry coalition of bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation. Our foundation is where we house our major programs and engage individual members, affiliate organizations, and corporate sponsors.

Over the years, we have spent more than $30 million to make bicycling better. We’ve invested $2.1 million in community bicycling projects and leveraged more than $654 million in federal, state, and private funding. We have contributed millions to national groups and programs like the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, the League of American Bicyclists, and the International Mountain Bicycling Association, ensuring safer places to ride for both children and adults.

By connecting the bicycle industry and millions of individual riders, we generated political clout that secures a seat at the congressional table for people who benefit from bikes. (And that's just about everyone.) Through these efforts, federal investment in bicycling has quadrupled since we've been on the scene.

We provide a unified front for advocating for bicycling on a national level, a strategic center to ensure collaboration between each piece in the bicycling movement, and the ability to support local efforts through our financial, community and communication resources.

Join PeopleForBikes now to become part of the movement.